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LeVerne Holmes is a certified Holistic Health Coach. She received her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. She is recognized by the teacher college of Columbia and is a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioner (AADP).LeVerne specializes in treating the whole person and incorporates a holistic approach to being healthy from eating, exercising, reducing stress, and taking natural supplements and oils!

LeVerne owns her company called Golden 4 Life where she teaches and helps people with healthy living by educating her clients on how to choose the appropriate natural supplements, herbs and oils. In addition she is a personal fitness trainer and has spoken at various businesses that included: Wal-Mart, Shorter AME Church (Colorado), Tampa College University, Ashbury Church (New Jersey) and Electronic Banking System (Colorado) to name a few. LeVerne was also honored by Stanford Who’s Who 2011.

LeVerne is very passionate about helping others to achieve maximum health and wellness and loves to do seminars and speaking engagements! “My journey to wellness began when I was a teenager at the age of 12. My Dad came home and threw out all the white flour, bread, and all sugar based cereals. No more sugar in baked beans or anything else when there are natural, pure substitutes available. At that time I began to learn about herbs and how to use them to nourish and sustain the body.

The journey to wellness was made easier because it was a joint venture together as a family.” When you make the decision that you want to feel better and to be healthy inside and out; then your journey to health and wellness will begin. When you feel good; you do more. When you feel good; you want others to feel good. When you feel good; you smile and laugh more. When you smile and laugh more; it is contagious and others want to feel good too. I am here to help and assist you with the journey to health and wellness.

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